Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pig chasing and wenches. My influences.

When I first started art, some of my biggest influences were Frank Frazetta, Neal Adams and John Buscema. I was really into fantasy and comic art. Well, I admired a lot of the artists on the Conan series. Michael Kaluta, Ernie Chan, Barry Windsor Smith, Gil Kane, Earl Norem, Klaus Janson, Alfredo Alcala, and others. 
Buscema and Windsor Smith, though, had great lines. They had a natural ability to draw. Frazetta too, though. It's a pity everything that's going on with him.

This comic sample is from Buscema and Alcala (as inker).  They don't make art like this anymore. 

I'm gonna be posting stuff like this throughout. There's some great Windsor Smith pencils and inks he did for the first few Conan the Barbarian issues that were incredible. Zukala's Daughter, The Tower of the Elephant.

Which brings another topic to mind. Robert Ervin Howard.

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