Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nude girl on carpet

Bombarded with work so I wasn't able to get any updates in. I'm working on this piece, and trying to get it done within a civilized time frame. I photographed this particular piece through each stage, as I was working on it. I don't usually do that. 
This stage is the second to last stage. This stage is where I painted out a portion of the painting with white house paint. It's a kind of deconstructing, I guess. I'll be putting graphics on top of that. 
As I was working on this series, I started to feel really comfortable with my new style. I used to use projectors to do my drawing, a kind of amateurish approach. Now I just draw straight onto the canvas with a 2B pencil, and go through 2 to 3 layers of oils, instead of my normal 4 or 5. I haven't been glazing either. Styles evolve, so I guess every series will have inconsistencies.